Os melhores nomes para times de Fantasy Football - Edição 2016

Post com alguns dos melhores nomes de times de Fantasy Football da temporada anterior. No site antigo esse era um dos posts que vocês mais gostavam, então aqui está a nova versão dele. Lembrando que é da temporada passada. Mais tarde, quando o começo da temporada estiver próximo, vamos fazer esse mesmo post com os melhores nomes de 2017.

Se a gente ver mais nomes por ai que ainda não fazem parte dessa lista, atualizaremos esse post. Por enquanto vocês podem se divertir com essa bela lista, e alguns nomes vão ser destacados de acordo com a minha preferência (Luiz Henrique Kanguru):


Golden Tate Warriors
When the Le'Veon Breaks
Le'Veon la Vida Loca
Le’Veon a Prayer
Game of Jones
Julio Think You Are?
Julio Let the Dogs Out (Bom aproveitamento do jeito que fala Julio)

Goff Balls
My Ball Zach Ertz
My TE Ertz When Eifert (HAHAHAHA Genial)

Fatt Morte
Drinkin' Fortes
Winning Is My Forte
Forte Shades of Grey
Forte Year Old Virgin

San Francisco 4th & 9ers
Stairway to Evans
Knockin on Evans Door
2 Gurley's 1 Cup

Runs Like a Gurley
The Gurley Gates
A Zeke Outlook
All About That Bosa
Wilfork on 1st Date

Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood
Eat, Drink and D. Murray!
The Walking Dez
Dez Does Dallas
Dez-ed & Confused
From Wentz You Came
Wentz, Twice — Three Times a Lady
Dude, Where's Derek Carr? (Filme genial, nome genial)
Forte inch Ditka
Inglourious Bradfords
Chronic Masterdeflater
Check My Balls
Discount Belichick
Yo Belichick Yo Self

Super Mario-ta
Marcus Mari...otto
Jamaal About That Bass
Charles in Charge
Turn Down for Watt (esse já ficou velho)
JJ S.W.A.T.T. Team
You Down With JPP?

The JPP Fireworks Incident
Hernandez Hit Men (humor um pouco negro nos últimos dois)
Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam!
You Kaepernick the Future
Erect Dicker
Geno 911!
Show Me Your TDs
Multiple Goregasms
Ladies and Edelman
Backfields and McCoys
Inglorious Staffords
Stafford Infection
Mike Vick in a box (HAHAHAHA)
Montee Can Buy you Happiness
My Percy’s on Broadway
In a Van Down by the Rivers
Cry Me a Rivers
Pitch a Trent
50 Trent
Drake's New Favorite Team
Mount Douchemore
Waka Flacco Flame
U Mad Bro?
Abdullah Oblongata
Kyle Rudolph Reindeer
Trolling Crabtree
Kung Suh Panda
Suh Girls, One Cup
Boy Named Suh
It's a Hard Gronk Life
Party Like a Gronk Star
Big Gronkowski

We Wilfork You
Wilfork Dance Party
Keyshawn Beliebs
No Money Manziel (HAHAHAHA)
Evil Empire
Revis' Vineyard
Bend it Like Beckham Jr.
Jay-Z's My Agent
Off to Tennessee the Whiz
Remember the Titans
Kissing Suzy Kolber
Smokin' Jay Cutler
Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (lance inesquecível)

Kaepernick Swag
Mannings' O-Face

Sherman's Last Rant
The Boldin the Beautiful
Gisele's Bundchens
Mr. UGG Boots
Brady Gaga

The Brady Bunch
Luck Beat A Brady Tonight
Call Me the Brees
No Romo
80% Mental, 40% Physical
Laces Out
Show Me the Money
Big Ol' Bortles
Not Racist Redskins
Hard Knocks Life
Turn Your Head and Coughlin
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
It's Always Runny in Philadelphia

Favre Dollar Footlong
Crab-leg Bootleg
Makin' It DWayne
Luckness Monster
Up All Night to Get Luck-y
Red Hot Julius Peppers
Slow White Bronco

Dak to the Future

Golden Taint

Shake it Goff

Hartline Bling

Zeke Squad



Green Eggs and Cam


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